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The Magic Candle With the WOW Effect
The Magic Candle With the WOW Effect
The Magic Candle With the WOW Effect
The Magic Candle With the WOW Effect

The Magic Candle With the WOW Effect

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🤡 Fun - The candle will continue to flash, spin, and play “happy birthday” until you turn it off or it runs out of battery.

💡 Customizable - It has an adjustable LED pattern. You can enjoy the candle with a fast flash, steady lighting, or slow flash pattern.

🎂 Interactive - It has two modes of deactivation. Either push the button or blow on it—like a real candle!

🔒 Safe - It has a safe, rechargeable battery. Powered by a lithium ion, the Magic Candle can be plugged into any wall socket, power bank, or computer.

✌️ Popular - It’s perfect for everyone. Kids, parents, colleagues, or even just yourself. The Magic Candle will make any birthday that much more special and meaningful.

Attention : The candle is only for one time use.

It’s time to take your birthday party to the next level! Ditch the traditional, boring candles and celebrate in 21st century style with the Magic Candle.

Simply push the button and watch as the Magic Candle unfurls, lights up, sings and dances.

Blow on the Magic Candle and make a wish, and the music will stop, the lights will dim, and the petals will refurl.  

Sure to bring a smile to your loved one’s face.

Say goodbye to traditional, boring birthday candles. The future is here. Purchase the Magic Candle now, so you’ll have one in time for your next celebration!

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Cheryl R.
Cheryl R.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I ordered this product thinking about keeping my BOOBOO entertained while I am busy. It looked the same as it is in the picture.  Now it keeps him occupied while I enjoy working without worrying about him.

James D.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I ordered 8 of these candles from this website, and to my surprise, the quality is top-notch. My kids loved these candles, and its safety feature allows me to blow it out super quickly.

Adam K.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Just a birthday cake was not enough for my wife, so I ordered this product from their website. It came in a package carefully packed. Their service and product are fantastic.

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