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Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy
Just Stick It Dog Toy

Just Stick It Dog Toy

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✊ Durable - Constructed from high grade rubber, our ball is non-toxic, durable, and wear resistant. You will not have to replace this toy.

💙 Healthy - It’s healthy for your dog’s heart. The toy encourages your dog to exercise, reducing its risk of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

🐶 Hygienic - Our ball is specifically designed to clean your dog’s teeth, strengthen their jaw, and give them something to gnaw on other than your favorite sofa.

👌 Efficient - When you need to do something else and you want your dog to be able to play while your'e gone.

🎨 Colorful - We offer numerous vibrant color options, brightening up your room and making it irresistible to your pet.

Never before has a single dog toy provided your best friend with unlimited hours of entertainment, exercise, and dental care…with no effort on your part.

The toy consists of a suction cup, flex rope, and rubber ball.

Simply adhere the suction cup to any flat surface and watch your dog go at it until you take it away.


Don’t make your dog wait any longer for the best day of his or her life.

Order one today!

Satisfaction for you and your best friend guaranteed.

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Cheryl R.
Cheryl R.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I ordered this product thinking about keeping my BOOBOO entertained while I am busy. It looked the same as it is in the picture.  Now it keeps him occupied while I enjoy working without worrying about him.

James D.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

I ordered 8 of these candles from this website, and to my surprise, the quality is top-notch. My kids loved these candles, and its safety feature allows me to blow it out super quickly.

Adam K.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Just a birthday cake was not enough for my wife, so I ordered this product from their website. It came in a package carefully packed. Their service and product are fantastic.

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